Raconteur is the first app to allow you to experience comic books in a truly cinematic way. With interactive animation, dynamic background music and realistic 3D sound effects, you aren't just reading or watching. You're experiencing a living story.

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Stories that come to life your way

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All of the cinematic books on Raconteur are delivered in HD, giving you the highest quality images and maintaining the integrity of the original comic artwork.

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MULTIPLE audio options

Raconteur is the only animated comic app that allows you to read books in 3 different modes:

  1. Read mode gives you just a hint of music, not loud enough to distract from the story.
  2. Theater mode gives you a more complete sensory experience with theatrical music and realistic sound effects in 3D surround.
  3. No music mode gives serious readers a chance to focus solely on the story and artwork.
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Raconteur lets you stay on a scene as long as you want. You can even go back to your favorite parts and relive them as many times as you like.